– Additional Collections –

Selected additional collections. Please contact the North Hampton Historical Society for information on our collections. Finding Aids are listed if available.

Brown, Elinor Batchelder (1913- 2008)

Elinor was the second of four daughters of Charles L. and Jessie Bachelder. Her family ran a stage coach and baggage wagon that transported passengers from the  North Hampton railroad depot to Little Boar’s Head from 1885 until the closure of the station in 1951. They also had a boarding house on Atlantic Avenue. Elinor’s career included a stint in the SPARS (Women Marines) during World War II.

Brown, Margaret Elizabeth (1911-2007)

Born and brought up in North Hampton, she traced her roots to in New Hampshire to the 1600s. She had a long career as a teacher. Margaret was a leader in her church, first at Little River Church and then at the Congregational Christian Church/UCC North Hampton.

Donais, Ruth (1935-2015)

Donais’ grandparents lived in North Hampton and she visited in summers during her childhood. Many years later, in the 1980s, she moved to North Hampton with her husband, building a log house on family land known in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as the Horace Leavitt place on Walnut Avenue.

Hobbs, Paul (1907-2000) - Farm Records and Personal Papers 1926 - 1992

Description - Paul Hobbs was a descendant of one of the early families in what became north Hampton. The records and correspondence relate primarily to farm operations at the Hobbs farm at 2 Elm Road, North Hampton.

Hobbs, Raymond and Gertrude - Maps

Description - Includes North Hampton Tax Maps, farm maps, and the 1843, 1857, 1892 maps of North Hampton.

Lamprey Family

Description - Henry Lamprey migrated from England to Boston, Massachusetts where he and his family lived for several years before settling in Hampton, New Hampshire in 1660.

His grandson, Morris, born in 1711, settled in the Little River area of what is now North Hampton. The materials in the Lamprey Family Collection are from this Little River Branch of the family. The materials consist of artifacts, books, photographs, historic documents, plans, deeds, and 99 diaries kept consecutively by David J. Lamprey (1891 - 1923), Austin Lamprey (1923 - 1944), and D. Morris Lamprey (1945 - 1999.) The diaries provide daily details of life on the farm, which was famous for its Belgian draft horses. They mainly provide a record of the development of the family energy business, Lamprey Brothers, detailing the progression from providing and delivering wood and ice through the transition to coal and then oil.

Nash, Ogden (1902 -1971) - Books and Pictures

Description - Ogden Nash was an American poet known for his collections of humorous and satirical poetry from 1931-1971. Nash was a summer resident on North Hampton and was active in Little Boar’s Head social life.

Seavey Family

Description - Charles E Seavey (1834-1895) bought property on Atlantic Avenue in 1860, and in 1861 established a blacksmith shop there. His oldest son, Arthur continued to run the blacksmith business, while his three younger sons, George, Chester, and Charles were noted cattle dealers in town. Charles E.’s grandson, Ralph B. Seavey (1907-1978) continued the cattle business on Atlantic Avenue until well into the twentieth century.

Smith, Alice (1886-1972) - Diaries 1902 - 1972

Alice Dalton Smith, a lifelong resident of North Hampton, was married to Elmer Smith (1880-1969). Her diaries provide insight into daily life in North Hampton.

Historic Properties:

Description - The North Hampton Heritage Commission facilitates and supports activities, events and publications that will connect the heritage of this community with the past, present and future. The  documents linked are from the Heritage Commission website. The Town wide area form is the result of a hurricane Sandy disaster planning grant received by the Commission. Photographs and descriptions of historic properties in North Hampton, including houses, cemeteries, and businesses. National and State Register listings are included.

Library Projects - Historic Houses:

Description - In 1997 the North Hampton Public Library encouraged residents to provide information about their houses. The collection includes the completed forms and any additional work done on the houses.

Local Mill History

The collection includes The Mill Book Journal (1757 - 1759). North Hampton also had grist mills and lumber mills on rivers in town.

North Hampton School PTA and PAL scrapbooks

Description - North Hampton School Parent Teacher Association Scrapbooks 1933 - 1955, 1962, 1995 - 1997. Scrapbooks from the Piscataqua School District 1944 - 1947.

North Hampton Town Reports 1866 - present day

Description - Annual reports required by New Hampshire law that include the town budget, the final budget and ballot questions, the Selectmen’s report, and reports of other town offices.

North Hampton Women’s Club 1929-1998

Description - Collection includes scrapbooks from the Women's Club and the Junior Women’s Club. Clubs created scrapbooks to participate in state contests. The collection is notable for photographs of North Hampton women.


Description - Various historical artifacts from the history of North Hampton.

  • Adult and children clothing and personal items

  • Bicentennial quilt

  • Farm equipment

  • Kitchen Implements

  • Military uniforms and insignia

  • Philbrick tinware

  • Toys

 Books - Local Authors, Old School Books:

Description - The collection includes school books from the 19th and 20th century, books by local authors, including William Fowler and Ogden Nash, and local history books.


Description - Includes North Hampton Tax maps, farm maps, and the 1843, 1857, 1892 maps.

Newspaper Clippings

Description - Articles about North Hampton have been collected from newspapers (and a few magazines) from early 20th century to the present.  These have been photocopied and filed chronologically in notebooks.  Included are pieces on North Hampton history such as the Louella Boothby series from 1962, as well as reporting on current events in North Hampton.  There is a separate notebook of articles on the North Hampton Historical Society beginning in 1970.


Description - Obituaries of North Hampton personages have been collected from newspapers and photocopied and filed in a notebook.  This is the most recent and ongoing project.