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Collecting, Preserving and Sharing the Community's History


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Upcoming Exhibits & Events

Historical Society programs and activities are being scheduled for the rest of the year. They will include Antique Appraisals, talks by local authors, New Hampshire Humanities programs, a Trolley tour, and a Cemetery tour. Please check the website or the Town’s Friday Folder for dates and times.

Participate or Become A Member

Please consider joining the Society, volunteer to assist in organizing the collection, or helping with programs.

The North Hampton Historical Society Blog

The Society’s blogmaster will ruminate on interesting North Hampton and Historical Society facts…

North Hampton Historical Society Collection

The North Hampton Historical Society collection includes letter, diaries, scrapbooks, photographs, artifacts, maps, town reports, and much more.


Our Mission


What We Do

  • Collect and preserve historical materials of significance to the Town of North Hampton

  • Supply historical info about North Hampton via real and virtual exhibits, a/v presentations, brochures, timeline and answering specific inquiries

  • Offer free presentations about local, regional and New Hampshire history

  • Schedule special events

  • Sell North Hampton Historical Society merchandise

    • “The Way it was in North Hampton”, Chace 1857 map reproduction

    • Note Paper and Xmas ornaments depicting local landmarks

    • “George Washington’s Rules Of Civility”

North Hampton Historical Society - What We Do